Mexico City

The Practical Mexico City Guide.

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Current weather conditions in Mexico City are sunny and delightful, making it the perfect time to explore this vibrant city.

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Mexico City

where is Mexico City on the map?

Its strategic location within the country also serves as a gateway to other major tourist destinations across Mexico.

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Terminal 1 AICM Mexico City

Is your flight at Terminal 1 AICM Mexico City International Airport?

Terminal 2 AICM Mexico City

All you may know about Airport AIMC Terminal 2 in Mexico City

Mexico City

Exploring Mexico City’s Historic Center: A Journey Through Time

This UNESCO World Heritage site encapsulates the heart and soul of the city, offering a glimpse into its rich past and vibrant present.

Mexico City Zocalo, Historic Center

Mexico City Zocalo, or Plaza de la Constitución is the main sight to start your journey.

Alameda Central,
CDMX Downtown

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Mexico City is Alameda Central / Alameda Park.

Monument to
the Revolution

The Monument to the Revolution is an iconic symbol of great heroes.

Mexico City

Discovering The Cultural Gems Of Mexico City’s Neighborhoods

Mexico City is a vibrant metropolis that offers countless attractions for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in its rich cultural heritage.


La Condesa Mexico City offers a mix of culture, history, and modernity in a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful parks.


Cultural treasures make Coyoacan Mexico City a must-visit destination for authentic Mexican culture.

Historic Center

Mexico City Historic Center GUIDE: ancient ruins, stunning architecture, and vibrant colorful culture.


Cultural delights, gastronomic wonders, high-end shopping, and lively nightlife. Welcome to Polanco District Mexico City.

Roma Norte

Roma Norte Mexico City, where every street corner tells a story and a celebration of Mexican culture.

San Angel

San Angel Mexico City area is home to the story of Mexican culture’s artistic and historical heritage. Learn why.

Santa Fe +
Lomas santa fe

Must-visit landmarks, culinary scene, outdoor activities, and shopping for Santa Fe Mexico City

Santa Maria
La Ribera

Explore the cultural charms of Santa Maria La Ribera CDMX, a historic traditional district.

Mexico City

Mexico City Highlights + Landmarks

If you’re exploring Mexico City, don’t miss out on visiting some of the most iconic landmarks this bustling metropolis offers.

The Angel of Independence

The Angel of Independence in Mexico City stands for freedom, victory, and resilience for the Mexican people.

Basilica de Guadalupe

La Basilica de Guadalupe Mexico City stands as a revered symbol of faith, history, and cultural identity.

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center in Mexico City is the place of international trade, business, and cultural exchange

Masaryk Mexico

Known for its upscale shops, trendy restaurants, and hip cafes, Av Masaryk Polanco is the place to see and be seen.

Auditorio Nacional

Auditorio Nacional is a hub for various performances, including concerts, ballets, operas, and more. 

Coyoacan Market

Coyoacan Market is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to immerse in the world of unknown Mexican flavors.

Arena Mexico City

The iconic Arena CDMX, is the vibrant and high-energy Mexican wrestling experience.

Cineteca Nacional

The Cinematic Arts Center thrives on presenting an eclectic mix of national and international films.


Xochimilco Boats is a network of canals, dating back to Aztec times, and is a vital hub of local traditions and community life.


Indulging In Mexican Cuisine: Foodie Hotspots In CDMX

From street food stalls to high-end restaurants, the city boasts an array of flavors and textures that will tantalize your taste buds.